Experience The Power #4 (Greece) – A few words with the band

Experience The Power #4/95

Of course you remember these German Power Metallers who entered the Top-10-Album section with their magnificent debut Here Comes The King which reached the #5 position. So I thought it was necessary to have a few words with the band about its past, present and future. Drummer Olaf, guitarists Carsten and Thomas and vocalist Guido have all the details…

Avalanche – Here Comes The Metal Kings

Cover Experience The Power #4

Cover Experience The Power #4

S.T.: Tell us a few words about your beginning, when the band was formed, by whom and which is the current line-up?

Olaf: The initial stage of our band can be traced back to the early eighties. At that time we played horrible Rock/Wave and our name was Ka’ili. The only thing that remaind is our brand, which shows a grimace, passed through wich a lot of wrinkles. This grimace is our decoration for the reverse of our CD-cover. With the actual team we’ve been playing successfully for about four years noe, which means, that we’ve been working at ourselves by heaving changed our style, as far as our music or the name of the band is concerned. So now we’ve doing exactly the kind of music, we all are having a lot of fun with.

S.T.: How do you define your music and which are your influences?

Carsten: Certainly we cab’t hide our teutonic roots. However we’re actually having influence on the complete Heavy Metal scope, so that our music sounds fairly diversified. Bassed on the fact that in the foreground of our music there’s always some kind of melody we’d like it to be denoted as Happy Power Metal.

S.T.: Tell us a few words about your first two demos, wich was was the responce that you got and are you satisfied with the result? Are there any differences between these demos and your new full-length album?

Olaf: Our very first demo Lucifer’s Breakfast was kind of a spontaneous Live-recording, wich was merely restricted to the private compass. Our studio demo In Search Of Yaga contended four parts and had been produced within 48 hours. The responce to it was generally good, which gave us rise to produce a CD by ourselves. At that time we already had offers on record-contracts, but however we didn’t want to sell our souls. Thus we started working without being restless and we took our time in arranging, so that at least we were able to produce a mature sound, which emphasises melodies. Compared to the demo you can already recognise a slight change of commercial aspects. Regarding to our opener Flame Of Life you can clearly see the difference between the demo which still consists of squiggles whereas they all disappear on the CD. Therefore the song starts right through.

Avalanche/Ka'ili Schädel

Der Tausenjährige

S.T.: Now you have just released your debut album Here Comes The King. Tell us about it, about the sound, the songs, lyric-approach e.t.c.

Thomas: Here Comes The King is the result of several years of experience, fun, spontaneous action and sometimes even, althrough it seems to be hardly to belive – hard work. Each one of us has put into it his very own ideas and his own imagination of Metal, so that our album presents itself as to be quite diversified.

Guido: As far as the production of the text is concerned I always try to express my option, without wanting to be obtrusive or instructive. I really don’t want to be some kind of moraliser, who rises his forefinger, but I’m trying to express ma actual mood. Some ideas seem to come to my mind immediately, whenever I hear the sound of guitars playing. Music exist to make fun – so why shoulde I spread the mood as if the end of world was near?

S.T.: Many reviews give you similarities with bands like Helloween, Heavens Gate and Blind Guardian. Personally I belive that you have a more classic mid-80’s Heavy Metal sound. Which is your opinion?

Thomas: We are all of the same opinion, that we continue the tradirion of the the classic Heavy Metal of the mid – eighties. The reason for the comparison to bands as for example Helloween or Blind Guardian might be found in our teutonic elements and in certain similarities  oft the singing. In general we don’t mind being compared to these bands, as long as we’re not compared to bands as for example New Kids On The Block (e. n.: Take That is more close at your style, ha, ha!)

S.T.: Which is the response that Here Comes The King has received so far? Are you satisfied in general? Which are your expectations and your future plans?

Carsten: Concerning the response to Here Comes The King we can be more than content. It had been an absolute new feeling for us to answer letters by fans. We’ve never dream about getting so many compliments and acknowledgment, taken into consideration that our music actually doesn’t seem to be in. We’ve already sold a great part of our present CD’s – many of the buyers even intend to buy the next ones – so that we will go on working on further productions, unless we reccive an appropriate offer of a record company. As we’re not standing under pressure, we can certainly approach our further production light-hearted and produce another album which we hope to be similar successful as Here Comes The King. Meanwhile we will have some concert-parties and we will have another drink on the hope that Heavy Metal will never die.

S.T.: Well, I will drink to that, too, my friend.

Steve Totomis

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