BallBuster Magazine (USA) – CD-Review

Ball Buster #4

BallBuster Magazine (USA) – CD-Review

Avalanche – Here Comes The King

Cover BallBuster #4

Cover BallBuster #4

As everyone well knows, I have always been a huge fan of the European hard rock/heavy metal scene. I fondly remember my teenage years listenening to bands such as Scorpions, Accept, Warlock and Helloween.

That was ten years ago, but today in the ’90s I have made a discovery that many change the face of European hard rock forever.

This album is a future classic, to say the least

Avalanche – Here Comes The King, I truly enyoyed this album, for it was filled with greate hooks and superb melodies. These guys deserve a record deal in any way, shape or form. They are just too good to be true!

Awesome cuts include Flame Of Life, The King and Neverending Flight. This album is a future classic, to say the least!

Mark St. John – BallBuster Magazine

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