Experience The Power (Greece) Top-10-Album – Here Comes The King

Experience The Power #3/95

Experience The Power #3 – Top-10-Album

Cover Experience The Power #3

Cover Experience The Power #3

Here’s another excellent German Heavy/Power Metal band which after a couple of demos, is comming now stronger than ever, ready to explode w23ith its debute 13-song CD.

#5 Avalanche – Here Comes The King

Here Comes The King is one of the best albums that I’ve heard in that style with the band having a 100% personal style and sound. If we try to find any similarities with other bands, perhaps only the names of Flying Skull and Heavens Gate (but only in their sober moments) may sound proper. The band has a great ability to come after proper preparation and arrangement, conclude to superb compositions. I’m not going to name any of the songs as I strongly belive that each one of the these has its own beauty and charisma. I’m also sure that there is no way that won’t love this great CD so don’t waste your time, get this one immediately.

Steve Totomis

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