Noize Chamber #6 (New Zealand): Avalanche – Here Comes The King

Noize Chamber 12/94

Self-financing your own album seems to be the only way to go if your demos don’t get the bite from a label you had hoped for. A lot of bands now are taking the option of doing everything themselves and Here Comes The King is such an album from Avalanche.

Album Review | Avalanche – Here Comes The King

The album made it’s debut in ’94, and that can be a long time, but it still sounds quite fresh here and now. It is a very professional release as most are these days, bands seem to have a better idea now about production quality self-released albums, so there is a high standard of album being made available to the public.

Cover Noize Chamber #6

Cover Noize Chamber #6

In that respect Avalanche don’t disappoint, but the music is what it’s all about, and the banddon’t disappoint me there eighter. Avalanche play Heavy Metal/Speed Metal in the Helloween, Blind Guardian vein, and with more than a little Judas Priest in there well. Avalanche fit into an established style so comparisons for me keep cropping up in the songs.

A very worthy effort for a band who’ve done it themselve

Guido’s Vovals are powerfull and as equally melodic, he has a good range and uses it to it’s best effect, comparable to Michael Kiske. There is a lot of interaction between the two guitars, the harmonising and trade offs reminiscent of well known famous duos. The rhythm section maintains a solid base for the guitars to play over and for the most part rumbles like a runaway train. To add the impetus double bass drumming is a predominate aspect in most of the songs. Most of the 13-songs are speed metal numbers, however in between are a couple of ballads and a stylish instrumental called B.W.G. that reminds me for some reason of March Of The Grabs (Anvil – Metal On Metal). Another slower number is the soft Anthem United which sounds like typical cigarette lighter sing a long with the band material.

Here Comes The King is a commercial sounding metal album and with a suitable production to go a long with it. Avalanche are a heavy band, they rock solid, with at times straight forward, but entertaining songs, melodic, but with a power groove. With the pro. quality of this album, the band sounds if they have been established for sometime. A very worthy effort for a band who’ve done it themselve!

8,5/10 Andrew Grimes

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